Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thanksgiving, Birthday, and Christmas 2011

I'll be honest, I'm a little behind on this post, and I was supposed to send this one out quite some time ago. I hope you don't mind. Now, on to the good stuff. This was me, back on Thanksgiving, gobbling up food. I was still on baby food back then, but I still really enjoyed the meal at Grandma's house. Thanksgiving Dinner After Thanksgiving, I stayed at Papa and Grandma's house and played with everything. My cousins came over to join in on the fun. Here we are riding a tractor in the yard! Riding Toy Tractor For my birthday, I got a wagon so we could go on wagon rides. That was a great present that I use all the time for riding around the neighborhood. Here is one of my first rides! Wagon ride Then came Christmas. Here I am with the Christmas tree, just after it was put up. Christmas Tree Our tree was pretty good, but then we went to the city to see a really big tree! Santa's Tree And then came the big day, where I put my newly found present unwrapping skills to work. Opening Christmas Presents Winter is pretty warm where I live, and just to prove it, here I am, at the end of December, outside in just a light jacket. What a day! Light Jacket So that was my Thanksgiving, Birthday, and Christmas. Now on to 2012!

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