Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our first day in Massachusetts

Wow - who knew that Massachusetts would be such a fun place for me and my family?  The weather is perfect for us to be outside and enjoy it - much cooler than Georgia this time of year!  We are staying in the small college town of Northampton in the western side of the state, and you can tell that the folks up here really enjoy this time of year because everyone is outside walking, biking, and just enjoying it in general.

My parents and I decided to follow the locals and go for a long walk up to Look Park.  It was a great way to see the area, and we traveled along a bike path for most of the way so we got to avoid lots of car traffic.  Here's how we went -

I got a little tired of riding in my stroller on the way up there, so I got my first ever piggy-back ride!  I enjoyed "steering" my daddy by pulling his hair on either side of his head.

Here are some more photos of what we did throughout the day - including my first "train" ride, my first boat ride, and my first visit to a zoo!

Phew!  It was all pretty exhausting, but I can't wait to do it again tomorrow  :)

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  1. Charlie, I hope your folks told you that your MiMi was born and raised in the late great state of Massachusetts! Looks like you had a wonderful day, and oh so many first for a big boy of six months and one week!